Nets’ Garnett Won’t Travel With Team, Out For Next Three Games

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Travel warning issued for Mali

(USATSI) | Latest news & notes Brooklyn Nets big man Kevin Garnett has been dealing with back spasms for 11 straight games now as the team manages to survive this stretch of the season without him. And while he told reporters this week he’s feeling better and the condition is improving, his hope to return “soon” won’t happen during this three-game road trip for the Nets. ESPN New York tells us Garnett will not travel with the team, meaning he’ll miss at least three more games before he can return to the lineup. The Nets blew out the Celtics 114-98 Friday night to push their record to 9-2 without Garnett during this stretch. Brooklyn Nets center Kevin Garnett will not travel with the team on the road and miss at least the next three games, coach Jason Kidd said Friday. Garnett was to be re-evaluated on Saturday. This current three-game road trip for the Nets will have them in Dallas on Sunday, in New Orleans on Monday, and in Charlotte on Wednesday. The earliest he can come back to the Nets’ lineup is Friday March 28 when the Nets host the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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Private Space Travel Is Worth the Risk, If Done Right, Experts Say

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and Robert Walker, former chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (far left) hosts the 2014 Asimov Memorial Debate, focused on selling private spaceflight, on March 19, 2014 at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, NY. Credit: AMNH View full size image The risk of private space travel Like all new forms of travel, private spaceflight carries significant risks. But the panelists said they didn’t see the risks as insurmountable. Ultimately, a bad safety record would hurt companies. “There’s a perception that commercial space is less safe,” Gold said. But “if we have a bad day, we lose everything.” But beyond having a good safety record, it’s important to understand the risks, Austin said. “It doesnt matter how safe [a spaceship] has been, it matters what one you’re sitting on.” Tyson said for him, it’s about the reward.
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The Travel World Championship

citizens via Security or Emergency Messages for U.S. Citizens posted on the Embassy’s website . The U.S. Embassy has instructed Embassy employees and their family members to be cautious when traveling within Bamako and to authorized locations outside of Bamako, generally in the southern parts of the country. It encourages U.S. citizens to exercise caution, remain vigilant, maintain situational awareness at all times, and take appropriate security precautions to ensure personal safety. U.S. citizens throughout Mali should develop personal contingency plans and travel on main roads. Malian security forces are regularly updating security safeguards, including checkpoints and other controls on movement in Bamako and around the country. A United Nations peacekeeping mission has also been deployed in Mali and is programmed to have more than 12,000 personnel in Mali when fully operational. The Government of Mali may periodically impose or lift curfews or impose other restrictions, such as a ban on public demonstrations, as security needs dictate, although it has not done so since the 2013 presidential elections. U.S. citizens should stay attuned to local news announcing such potential measures, and comply when they are in effect. For internal safety and security reasons, the U.S.
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Kevin Garnett is still having issues with back spasms, remains sidelined. (USATSI)

and they alone know the best way to travel. It may be a genetic defect we members of homo touristicus share — the “We’re the best gene!” The travel world championship is set to begin April 11th in Vancouver, British Columbia and will conclude 23 days later in Chicago with the crowning of the 2014 edition of The World’s Greatest Travelers. Fourteen teams of two will attempt use their Travel IQ to outsmart, outperform and out travel all the other teams in the 10th edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt, an around the world travel adventure competition. It is A Blind Date With the World because the travelers will not known which 10 countries they will be visiting over the three-plus weeks of the competition. And what better way to test a traveler’s travel savvy than throw him willy-nilly into a country and ask them to figure it out. Clearly, there are a lot of travel skills that one can acquire over time with the right experiences: Doing things on the cheap, overcoming language barriers, managing cultural nuances, situational awareness, confidently dealing with ever-changing logistics, diplomatically tackling the dysfunctional personalities of travel mates and tempering the elation, quickly followed by fatigue, of being on the road for an extended period in a constant state of unknown. I am always asked: Is it possible to test someone’s Travel IQ in a competition against other great travelers? Yes it is…
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