Incredible Edible Holiday Gifts

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Top schools want Holiday everyday

(Really! Don’t be scared of the candy thermometer.) Think candied nuts. Simultaneously sweet and savory, nuts are a particularly good choice for friends without a big sweet tooth. Think homemade jams, pickles and chutneys. Spreads and relishes like these are gifts that keep on giving. Think tea mixes and cocoa kits. A mug of something warm is so comforting, doubly so when it’s a special blend from a friend. Seriously, who wouldn’t love to find a specially made treat tucked in their mailbox or in the toe of their stocking?
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Tea mixes

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Go on holiday. Make babies!

The commercial goes on to claim that Danes have 46 percent more sex while on holiday, resulting in 10 percent of the population being conceived then. “We are prescribing a romantic city holiday to save Denmark’s future,” the group said in the tongue-in-cheek commercial. “After all, it will also help our future business,” it added. In 2012 Denmark’s birth rate was down 17 percent since the turn of the millenium to 10.4 births per 1,000 residents, making it the lowest in the Nordic region, according to official figures To shore it up, the company offered an “ovulation discount” to women who entered the start-date of their latest menstruation period when booking, allowing the company to calculate the best time for them to travel. Those submitting pictures of a positive pregnancy test and a pregnancy journal after their holiday also had the chance to win gifts including a three-year supply of nappies and a family holiday. Elderly people and gay couples were also invited to participate since “it’s not just about winning, all the fun is in the participation.” On Thursday, the video clip had received 350 000 views on YouTube in less than a day.
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